Can I see and purchase ALL of the pictures taken during my shoot?

The short answer: No. There are several photographs taken during a photo shoot, and it is expected that most will end up being eliminated for various reasons. Some will simply be test shots before exposure and other settings are ideal. Others will be shots leading up to the perfect moment when you are in perfect position. And many others will simply not be ideal shots for whatever reason. This happens with every photo shoot no matter who the photographer is or who the model is – professional or everyday person. Only the very best images will be selected for editing, and this is where you must put your trust in me as your photographer. Editing is a very important part of the process, and no unedited pictures will ever be presented to the client – in the same way that an unfinished gourmet dish would never be served to a diner.

How many photos should I expect to see at my viewing and ordering session?

This depends on your session time. Mini sessions (offered only once or twice per year) you should expect about 15-20. Full sessions should expect about 30-50, and Extended sessions offer about 50-70 images for viewing.

What are your policies for taking pictures with my phone during my session?

Once shooting has begun, no photos shall be taken with your phone or mobile device. This interrupts your session and possibly prevents the photographer from capturing a great shot. During viewing and ordering session, taking screen shots are not allowed.

Do I have to use your makeup artist or can I do my own makeup?

Getting your makeup and hair done before a photo shoot can be a real game changer for professional headshots, glamour, or senior sessions.  Makeup for professional photos is much different than makeup you use for everyday life. It is also a way to for you to relax before your shoot and feel pampered. Our makeup artist will work with you to create the the perfect look, whether you want natural or glam. You can feel confident that you will look flawless! I work with professional makeup artists who can serve you in their skin care studio or on-site before your session. Available upon request. Additional charges apply. 

How many different outfits can I wear in my session?

This can vary based on complexity of outfits chosen and length of your session. We will go over this prior to your photo shoot and have the right amount of outfits lined up with a few back up options as well. A 1 hour shoot can include 2-3 looks, where as a 2 hour shoot can have 5 or more.

How is location determined for my photo shoot?

Location is based on the style of photo shoot you are interested in. If looking for an outdoorsy look, I find a setting that fits the style of your session. This really depends on the clients’ comfort level and the weather. Some clients like to rent a place themselves and stay the night, turning it into a hot and romantic evening after the session is complete.

How many images can I fit into an album? 

About 20 depending on if album design and wanting any full spread images that can take up two pages. Albums can be extended as an option when ordering your album if you would like to have more.

Do I get to choose how my album looks?

You choose the images, cover and size of your album. I design it and let you review it 1-2 times before I submit the album for print.

What is your retouching philosophy?

I do light retouching to enhance an image, smooth skin, remove distractions, and make you look your best, however, I do not do body reshaping or contouring as I believe it’s important that you look like, well… you!

Will everyone see my images on your social media account?

Absolutely not. Any images posted on my website or social media accounts were approved by the client. You have control over which images are available for viewing on social media and website, which images are okay to share in my in-house portfolio, and which images are strictly off limits to others. When you sign a model release, we can make modifications to your comfort level, as well. This is discussed at your consultation.

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